Who are we?

The initiator of the “BluSpace” foundation is Krzysztof Blaszkiewicz – president of BluSoft Sp. z o.o., founder of BluHolding S.A., bringing together brands from many industries and areas, from IT, webdev, server systems, through accounting, virtual offices, to marketing, automotiv and gaming.

The organization’s mission is to show ways to develop start-ups, already established businesses and support local business in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province. The BluSpace Foundation helps many entrepreneurs, reach for tools to facilitate work or accelerate business development. The team of specialists and professionals working for the foundation with many years of experience in their fields helps to develop the competence of entrepreneurs in the field of networking, exchange of experience, building a support group of local business, use of the latest technologies. They are able to comprehensively advise and serve companies from the creation of a brand promotion strategy, through a logo or website, tax consulting, to acquiring the first customers.

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