How we work?


How we work

The BluSpace Foundation is a bridge between experienced professionals
and budding entrepreneurs.

Support for startups is one of our key lines of action. We organize numerous conferences, trainings and workshops on the broad field of running your own business. We meet with representatives of many industries in a hybrid form, i.e. live and online.

We have a group of specialists who share their experience and business knowledge gained over the years by running their own companies.

All interested parties can contact us via email or phone.

We also work every day from Monday to Friday at the foundation’s headquarters.

This is where the daily life of local businesses takes place. Meetings, coworking, training, support.

We are at your service, we invite you to participate in the announced projects, through which each participant will develop their interpersonal, networking, management and marketing skills.

In what areas do we operate?

  • publishing, information, education, Internet, marketing, promotion, media, organizational activities
  • cooperation with the media
  • Support and initiate national and international cultural, educational, educational, scientific, social and economic projects
  • scientific and research, scientific and technical activities
  • Development of reports, analysis and expertise, diagnoses, scenarios, studies, assessments, opinions, forecasts, documentation, plans, strategies,
  • Cooperation with state institutions and social organizations
  • Implementation of public information and education campaigns and development programs
  • Supporting and organizing festivals, concerts, festivals, performances, exhibitions, art workshops, competitions, lectures, fairs, film productions, broadcasts and other cultural, historical,tourist, artistic and interdisciplinary ventures
  • conducting consulting, training, coaching, marketing and public relations activities
  • Subsidizing charitable events and activities
  • Activities in the area of dissemination of sports and physical culture, senior citizen policy, support for people with disabilities, health promotion and substance abuse prevention.
  • Activities aimed at providing conditions and opportunities for competition based on intellectual activity with the goal of achieving a sports result (e-sports).

Do you need our help in any of these areas? Get in touch with us!

The foundation has a social character, we work for the benefit of local entrepreneurs

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Many years of expert knowledge, handed down in a nutshell. Others have been through it, follow the successes of others, bypass their failures.