12.03 Pilot workshop

The aim of the project is to support entrepreneurs in the region by providing ‘workshops for start-ups and already established businesses’. This support, applies to both startups and entrepreneurs who are already operating in the market. The workshops will be led by specialists in IT, marketing, networking, who have experience in running leading companies in the region. The speakers scheduled to lead the workshops will include CEOs, senior managers and specialists representing successful industries and companies in the market. The meetings will be held in a hybrid format, i.e. stationary and online. Each participant will receive training materials in hard copy or as an emailed file and a certificate of participation in the workshop, confirmed by the signatures of the speaker(s). One of the results of the workshop will be the creation of a local business community, which aims to develop, increase profits from the activities of the above-mentioned entities in the area of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. In this way, the BluSpace Foundation, a leader in the region, will bring together the largest number of business entities, which will ultimately create jobs in the city or province, thanks to the internal development of the company.

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